Pasco Citizens for Better Schools

They're wondering if you're going to vote.

On February 9, 2016, Pasco School District will run a regularly scheduled, replacement Maintenance and Operation Levy.

Voters have been tremendously supportive in recent elections. Please join us in continuing this important support.

The February 9 Levy is essential to the quality of education we'll be able to provide over the coming years. Levies support all of Pasco's 17,000+ students. This levy is not a new tax, but replaces the local levy that expires in 2016.

The estimated tax rate is $4.50 per $1000, which is less than the rate voters approved in the 2014 levy election.

For more details, please read the District's Levy Presentation and see their Budget 101: Information Guide to School Funding.

As a community, our priorities will decide whether continue to provide support or take a step backward for our kids and our community.

Let’s take responsibility—for their future.