Pasco Citizens for Better Schools

About Pasco Citizens for Better Schools

We are a group of citizens continuing a proud history, over 40 years in the making, of supporting public education in the greater Pasco community.

We believe that Education is the best investment our community can make, its worth our time to work to promote it and we invite you to join us.

Pasco Citizens for Better Schools has worked to pass the necessary construction bonds that have built new schools, remodel older ones and repurposed buildings across the Pasco School District. We are mindful and conservative in regards to the burden placed on taxpayers.

PCBS has supported Maintenance and Operations Levies to bring the best possible educational opportunities, highest standards of maintenance and operations of our valued school resources and programs that enrich Pasco children's lives through art, music, theater and athletics.

Bond issues must pass with a 60% YES margin. Levies are passed at 50% plus one YES vote as determined by state law. Your YES vote matters please take time to vote YES!

Pasco Pride Multiplies and Pasco Cares for Kids - Vote YES!